wireless transformer
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wireless transformer

Fuse is the first device that turns traditional helmets into a rally wireless system.

It connects to the helmet intercom kit via Nexus, and wireessly to Wi-Rush amplifier.
It can be applied on the suit, on the helmet, or simply put in a pocket. The central button switches the device on and off and connects to the Wi-Rush amplifier automatically.

Volume +/- are both on the Fuse and on the amplifier. In case the battery is down, the unit can be connected to the Wi-Rush amplifier and be recharged at the same time while racing. In normal condition Fuse is rechargeable with a USB cable.

  • It turns traditional helmets into wireless
  • NEXUS Connector
  • USB PORT (Type C) for recharging
  • INDEPENDENT volume
  • RECHARGEABLE internal battery
  • NEXUS CONNECTOR (Peltor or Stilo standard)
  • Wi-RUSH amplifier
  • FEARLESS intercom kit
  • ZERONOISE headset
  • FUSE-P Peltor compatible (female nexus)
  • FUSE-S Stilo compatible (male nexus)